The textile processing house has all open-width machines for mercerizing, dyeing, pre-shrinking/ compacting for knitted and woven fabrics. For environmental safety, there are effluent treatment plants to treat the discharged water from processing house. The dye house consists of two sections woven fabric dye house and knit dyeing unit besides a lab.


Woven Fabric Dye House

  • Osthoff gassing
  • Kuster continuous bleaching
  • Kuster mercerising machines
  • Monfort E-control dyeing machines
  • Kuster continuous washing machine
  • Bruckner stenters with coating attachments
  • Sanforising machine
  • Ceramic and aluminium wire brushing machines
  • Steel wire raising machines

Knit Dyeing Unit

  • Erbatech continuous bleaching
  • Monfort relax dryer
  • Benninger Padder
  • Erbatech washing machines
  • Bruckner stenter compacting machine
  • Sclavos HTHP soft flow machines for exhaust and polyester blends dyeing
  • Mechanical finishes


  • Barco siedo colour master from Tree Point
  • Konica Minolta Spectrophotometer 3600d
  • Mathis E-control, stenter
  • Exhaust dyeing machines
  • Washing machines & Tumble dryers
  • Atlas Flame retardant tester

Special Finishes

High Visibility
Flame Retardant
Electro conductivity
Moisture management
Anti static/ Anti bacterial/ Anti acid
Stain guard
Soil release
Water repellent
Enzyme wash
Mechanical finishes

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